Fizzy, fabulous flurient* is a fruity beverage infused with a mild strain of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the buds of the cannabis plant. Formulated from cannabinoids that magnify your senses and fire your imagination, flurient is the perfect companion to a session in your Cocoon watching YouStar.
The colours of the Famers’ fashions seem so much more vivid, their dramas become more distressing and their dilemmas more disturbing. The elaborate sets seem alive and enveloping, and every moment is more momentous; the hilarious becomes hysterical, the bitchiness and bastardry are even funnier, and those fleeting seconds of tenderness seem achingly real and beautiful.
Images, ideas, words and feelings flutter in and out of your dazzled mind and are gone in a fraction, and you’re left happy, fulfilled, yet hungry for more. Go on, have a flurient. Have three. And get into your Cocoon, lay back and soak in the Fame. That’s the taste of Freedom.
*Flurient is the drink of the gobblers in my book The Psyman. To find out what it really does to people, read the book. Find it at today.